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    Chairman's speech:

    No innovation, no survival

    Since Kelison started its business 20 years ago, the group has become a platform for the common development of all employees, a stage for win-win cooperation among numerous partners, and a partner that the majority of users trust and rely on. As an entity operator relying on scientific and technological innovation and development, we always believe such a life creed: no innovation, no right to survival.

            China, having completed its industrialization process, is full of crises of excess in all fields, and the global trend of division of labor and cooperation is surging. Every instant disappearance of the waves, is a story of the rise and fall of an enterprise, so we Kelisoner believe in this law: no innovation, no right to survive.

    So in the New Year, we especially must adhere to a point, your business will be extinguished when your work has lost its flame of innovation, you must quickly lit a new torch. Now we should not only attach importance to Kelison research institute, where there are flames of 1000 scientists’ cooperation, also we are in the business model of transboundary exploration, constantly beyond, made to create a way of life of each one of us.

    We should practice of national innovation strategy in the field of new energy, new materials and new agricultural develops unceasingly, practice "the Belt and Road" strategy, accelerate development of Central Asia business,  build Kazakhstan Kelison into a first-class overseas enterprises, build Hubei Kelison industrial park into modern smart park, we have to practice the integration of industry and finance, seize the development opportunity of the mixed ownership, with the strong, be the pioneer. Let's serve society by creating, and making ourselves better.

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