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    Kelison Group Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise group founded in 2000. It is committed to technological innovation and serves the society with "respect, innovation and win-win" as its core values. The Group's main business is the development of new energy, new materials, new agriculture and resource development. The parent company of the group is Yichang Kelison Industrial Co., Ltd., with 14 member companies. The Group uses the Kelison Research Institute as a research and development platform, cooperates with research institutions around the world, promotes the frontier technology business partner model, rapidly industrializes advanced technologies and innovations, and continuously creates user satisfaction and new experiences.

    With Kelison Natural Gas Co., LTD as the core enterprise, the group has adhered to the continuous development and innovation for more than 10 years from vehicle gas and marine gas (CNG and LNG) to distributed energy development mode, and embarked on a new mode of intelligent energy development.

    With Hubei Honghua High-temperature Materials Co., LTD as the core enterprise, the group has created a new situation of replacing high-temperature alloy with high-performance composite ceramics, and its products have provided the most cutting-edge super value improvement in the fields of iron and steel, machinery manufacturing, nuclear power, aviation and aerospace, and injected fresh blood into the advanced manufacturing industry.

    The group's corporate group with Huayi brand as its core, dedicate large modern intelligent seedling factories and health foods to our users and consumers. Relying on biotechnology, Huayi tea oil continuously improves the health function of edible oil and becomes the intimate partner trusted by the majority of consumers. It is a veritable Chinese well-known trademark.

    With Kelison Kazakhstan as the core enterprise, the group develops its business in Central Asia and exports advanced production capacity from China into Central Asian countries. In addition, it develops and introduces high-quality resources from central Asia into the Chinese market, and practices the national "the Belt And Road" strategic thinking. Hubei Kelison industrial park under construction, located in the East Gate special economic zone of Kazakhstan, covers an area of 10 square kilometers and is located at the transportation hub of Eurasian continent. It is the largest industrial park project of China in Central Asia.

    Many investment and financing platform companies of the group are growing, providing financial support for the industrial development of the group.

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