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    Graduate School of science and technology

    Kelison Institute is the leading department to guide the core technology R&D work involved in the business areas of the three major industry sectors of the company, mainly responsible for the preparation, organization and implementation of the company's annual scientific research project work plan, and supervision and guidance of the implementation of the subsidiary's scientific research departments. It has six research institutes, namely, chemical fertilizer research institute, Food Research Institute, New Material Research Institute, Metallurgy Research Institute, Microorganism Research Institute and Facility Agriculture Research Institute.

    In February 2013, in order to strengthen the R&D strength of the company, Kelison Institute established an expert workstation for academicians of science and technology with Academician Huang Boyun as the core. At the same time, it signed a technical development contract with the cultivation base of the National Key Laboratory jointly built by Hubei Province of refractory materials and high temperature ceramics, Wuhan University of science and technology, maintained a long-term strategic cooperation relationship, and jointly built a "production, learning and research" cooperation base. It has opened a strong development road of Kelison in the field of new materials.

    In December 2012, the group established a 10 million yuan Postgraduate Scholarship in Wuhan University of science and technology to encourage scientific and technological innovation and promote the transformation of achievements.

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