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    Tokayev's visit to China will continue to write a new chapter of China Kazakhstan comprehensive strategic partnership

    Chinese ambassador to KazakhstanZhang Xiao

    At the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Tokaev of Kazakhstan will pay a state visit to China on from September 10th to 12th. This is president Tokayev's first state visit to China since taking office. Today's world is facing a great change that hasn't happened in a century. Both China and Kazakhstan stand at a new historical starting point and are committed to the grand cause of national rejuvenation. It is believed that this visit will continue to write a new chapter of China Kazakhstan comprehensive strategic partnership.

    This visit will create a new situation for China Kazakhstan relations. Kazakhstan's first President Nazarbayev is one of the important founders of China Kazakhstan relations. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 27 years ago, with the joint efforts of both sides, China Kazakhstan relations have developed into a model of inter state relations. In April this year, President Xi Jinping personally presented the medal of friendship to President Nazarbayev. After Tokayev was elected president, he made it clear that he would continue all the major policies of Nazarbayev's first president and that developing relations with China would still be the main priority of Kazakhstan's foreign policy. It is believed that under the leadership of the leaders of the two countries, the China Kazakhstan comprehensive strategic partnership will carry forward the past and open up a new era of stability, pragmatism and vitality.

    This visit will bring new opportunities for China Kazakhstan cooperation. Both China and Kazakhstan are developing countries and are at a critical stage of reform and development. President Tokaev will raise the living standard of the people of Kazakhstan and ensure sustained economic growth as the main policy objective, vigorously attracting foreign investment and constantly fighting against corruption. This is fully in line with China's "two one hundred year" goals and the opening, green and clean concept of the "one belt and one road initiative". When President Xi Jinping met with President Tokaev in June this year, he pointed out that the two sides should firmly grasp the direction of cooperation and deepen the docking of the new economic policy of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the "bright path", so that the cooperation between China and Kazakhstan will benefit the people of both countries and regions. In recent years, practical cooperation between the two countries has achieved remarkable results, and the scale of trade and investment has continued to expand. From January to June this year, China Kazakhstan trade volume reached 9.53 billion US dollars, up 9.2% year on year. Among them, China imported US $4.45 billion from Kazakhstan, up 18.6% year on year. It is believed that China and Kazakhstan can build a fine meticulous meticulous painting together on the basis of the "great freehand brushwork" painted on the "one belt and one road" in the past 6 years.

    This visit will push China Kazakhstan people to people and cultural exchanges to a new level. It is the right meaning for the two countries to build the "one belt and one road" issue to promote the hearts and minds of China and Kazakhstan. This year, the people to people and cultural exchanges between the two countries have reached a climax. The Chinese Kazakh joint film musician was successfully released, China held "film week" in Kazakhstan, and the senior management seminar of Kazakhstan museum was held in China. This year is the "year of youth" in Kazakhstan. Based on this, the two countries have carried out a series of youth exchange activities with fruitful results. The delegation of teachers and students of Kazakh universities, the summer camp of Chinese teachers and students of middle schools, and the youth representatives of Shymkent have visited China successively. The Chinese Embassy in Kazakh donated Chinese teaching materials to Kazakh Middle Schools. The number of Kazakh students studying in China is increasing. A series of inter school exchanges have been carried out between famous Chinese universities and Kazakh universities. The people to people and cultural exchanges between the two countries are becoming more and more active, showing broad prospects for development.

    "Look to your neighbor, look to your neighbor." China and Kazakhstan rely on each other's mountains and rivers, and are friendly neighbors with the same breath and common destiny. It is the right choice for both countries to work together for development. President Tokaev's visit to China will inherit and carry forward the traditional friendship between the two countries, promote pragmatic cooperation and common people's hearts, and promote the building of the "one belt and one road", so as to contribute to enriching the connotation of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Kazakhstan and realizing the ambitious goal of the two countries in the first step towards building a community of human destiny.

    Source: People's daily

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